Roofing Company Warranty

Warranty Information

At Roof Lines East Inc. we offer all of our customers a 10 year warranty against any faulty workmanship which we are responsible for. However all of our products are warranted by the manufacture for 10 to 75 years/lifetime warranty, depending on the roofing installation product that you choose.

Product Lifespan

There are a variety of lifespan time frames depending on which type of roofing product you purchase. The following chart outlines the typical time frame of each roofing installation product:

Roofing Product Typical Lifespan

Natural Slate Roofing

85-100 years

Concrete Tile Roofing

85-100 years

Clay Tile Roofing

85-100 years

Cedar Shakes Roofing

30-35 years

Lightweight Slate & Tiles

50-60 years

Enviroshake Roofing

50-60 years

Copper Roofing

85-100 years

Zinc Roofing

85-100 years

Metal Roofing

50 years

Shingle Roofing

Varies from 15-40 years
Flat Roofing, 2 ply system 20-30 years

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